[News] 03.06.2011 - Still waiting for Blender 2.58

Jun 3, 2011 at 9:07 PM


There was not much action on this project during the last one and a half months, primarily because I was busy with a couple of university projects and work. However, I really want to continue working now. 

My last goal was to establish Blender compatibility. Unfortunately the COLLADA support in the last version (2.57) was horrible. Basic geometry and materials worked, but the exporter lacked most common options. But I learned on twitter that there is a group of developers working hard to improve the COLLADA support for the next Blender version (I presume 2.58).

By the way, if there are indeed people who could have use for this library or parts of it OR tried it and noticed important features that are missing: Feel free to create tickets in the issue tracker and/or vote for tickets, so I see what I should focus on.

My ultimate goal is being able to load virtually any suitable 3D model for common usage in XNA games.