Even though ideally all COLLADA models should be supported there are some Limitations of the implementation and different exporter plugins have slight differences on how they export certain elements, especially when it comes to animation. As the implementation is improved some and hopefully all of these compatibility issues will be fixed.

During development the library was only tested with models exported from the following programs:

- 3ds Max 2009 and later
- Google SketchUp
- Maya 2011 / Mudbox
- Spore (the PC game)

Animations were so far only tested with models exported from 3ds Max 2009 and 2011, primarily because I don't have any animated models for other DCC tools (such as Maya, Softimage etc.).

If you own animated 3D models from any DCC tool please consider providing them to this project so the importer can be tested against them.

(A comprehensive table has yet to be created here)

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