Default Shaders

By default shaders are generated that fit materials described by the common profile of COLLADA (, p. 8-92). That basically means materials described by the Phong reflection model with the following properties:
  • diffuse color
  • specular color
  • shininess
  • reflective color
  • reflectivity
  • transparent color
  • transparency
  • refraction index

(The properties written in italics are not yet implemented or not working properly)

Virtually any of these values can take a color or a single float as a value that affects all geometry associated with the material equally. However, a texture can be provided to specify values on a per vertex basis. Often texture maps are used for diffuse and specular color.

On top of the common profile the "bump" extension introduced by 3ds Max was implemented to support normal mapping. The default shaders implement 3 types of normal mapping:
  • Dot3 Bump Mapping (default)
  • Parallax Mapping
  • Relief Mapping

Currently the normal mapping mode has to be selected per content processor option.

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